Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Admission Circular:

Online Admission Link:

## What is the admission application fee?

Application fees is 300 tk. However, you will be charged additional 5 tk as DBBL Rocket transaction fees.

## How to Pay via Personal DBBL Rocket A/C?

Step 1   :      Dial  *322#
Step 2   :      Choose  1. Payment
Step 3   :      Choose  1. Bill Pay
Step 4   :      Choose  1. Self
Step 5   :      Choose  0. Other
Step 6   :      Enter Biller ID:  2004
Step 7   :      Enter Bill Number:   A
(Do not input anything else, otherwise your payment will be invalid)
Step 8   :      Enter Amount: 300
Step 9   :      Enter Your Pin: ****
(Your 4 digit Rocket A/C PIN no)

Once successfully done, you will receive a TxnID through SMS. Enter the TxnID to online application form.

However, you can also pay it via DBBL Rocket App.

## I lost my admit card or I need help with application process. What to do?

Send email to

## What is the syllabus for admission test?

Class-III: Marks-50 (Bangla-15, English-15, Math-20), Time-1 hour, Follow board books of class-II
Class V-IX: Marks-100 (Bangla-30, English-30, Math-40), Time-2 hours, Follow board books of previous class.

## What is the class time after getting admitted?

Class-III: 7.45am to 11.35am
Class V-IX: 7.45am to 12.15pm

## Is this school fully functional government institute?

“Mohammadpur Model School & College” was directly established in 2004 by the Ministry of Education as an autonomous institute. On 17th September 2017, it got listed as government institute. However the entire administration along with accounts is not fully operated by the government yet.

## What is the admission schedule?